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The purpose of this website is to connect with my family, friends, and others interested in where my life has taken me. Lots of people do Christmas Cards, Newsletters, and other publications. This is my simple, quick, and comprehensive way of expressing myself.

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-Brett Ryan

Brett Ryan near the Grand Canyon's South Rim in Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Brett Ryan near the Grand Canyon's South Rim on a backpacking trip with UC San Diego's Outback Adventures


Let's start with the basics!

I am a 5' 11" male, born and raised in La Mesa, CA. My immediate family is composed of my parents, two brothers, and several pets. I currently reside in Cupertino, CA where I am employed as a full-time Software Engineer with Apple Inc. on the iCloud Application Engineering team. In addition to my employment, I am *attempting* to study for the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) to enter graduate school.

My personal goals for the future.

Grow as a Software Engineer through my employment with the iCloud Application Engineering team.

To gain admission for graduate school by Fall 2016 to further expand my understanding of computer science and/or management skills.

Social Networking, just in case.

If you couldn't learn enough about who I am through this website. I do (like most people from my generation) have a host of online profiles. All of my relevant online profiles are listed below.

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